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Mobile App Design Services

Drive exponential customer engagement in your mobile apps through interactive user interfaces, user experience, and visual design. Access our robust mobile app design services to create custom app designs for iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps that increase user engagement.

What makes us the best mobile app development company?

Prestige Consultancy mobile UI and UI designers create stunning designs that enrich the end-user experience. At prestige consultancy, we always keep up with the latest trends in mobile app design and only follow industry best practices to align customer goals and make a positive impact.

We have a team of over 15 UI/UX designers, all of whom have extensive experience in creating beautiful, attractive and intuitive mobile app UI designs using mobile app UI design services. At Prestige Consultancy, we primarily take a research-driven approach that ultimately enables our development team to create the most effective mobile app designs for our clients, from enterprise-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies.

"Lifestyle" mobile applications

Lifestyle apps have become popular in recent years. A lifestyle app is an app that speeds up or supports specific aspects that define your lifestyle.

Mobile applications for social networks

Social media apps are some of the most popular types of mobile apps available.

Mobile application service

Utilities are the types of mobile applications that we can use most often without thinking of them as applications.

Games and entertainment

The games and entertainment category is huge and therefore very competitive.

Performance of mobile applications

While productivity may seem like one of the most boring types of mobile apps, it's an incredibly popular category.

News / News agencies Mobile applications

The news and information apps are pretty straightforward. They provide their users with the information.

Frequent Asked Questions

For more information on our mobile app Design services, please see our frequently asked questions.


1: What is mobile app design?

Mobile app design is basically the process of developing the front-end of an app. In simple terms, it is the graphical and touch-sensitive part that allows users to interact with your application.

2: Why is mobile app design so important?

Today, if you haven’t implemented the sound design of the app’s user interface, your chances of success are slim. Therefore, it is important to design the user interface of your mobile application as responsive, intuitive, and user-friendly as possible.

3: What is mobile app interaction and how is it measured?

Mobile app engagement usually refers to a set of metrics that track how active users of your app are interacting with your mobile app. There are a number of metrics that need to be monitored in order to measure the level of interaction between a mobile app and a mobile app, such as the number of downloads, active users of the app, session duration, etc.

4: What makes Prestige Consultancy one of the leading mobile app development companies?

Prestige Consultancy has been in business for the past 10 years, and during this time we have developed over 500 beautifully designed mobile applications for various platforms and various industries. In addition, Prestige Consultancy  has also been fortunate enough to work with world-class Fortune 500 companies such as Samsung, McDonald’s, ABB, and Cisco, just to name a few.