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Charity Governance Training

When supply chains break, the most vulnerable still need food to survive

One of the most important things a charity has to get right is governance. Prestigue Consultancy Consulting has a team of experts able to deliver courses to broaden your knowledge on key aspects of governance. Good governance can underpin everything else that a charity does but getting governance wrong can open the door to poor decision making, mistakes and a backlog of work. It can also result in regulatory inquiry and in serious cases financial or even (in the most extreme cases) criminal liability.

Governing a charity can be made easy and stress-free with the right people and expertise at hand. Prestigue Consultancy consultants can assist you in your time of need. Our team have over seven years’ experience between them in charity governance. You can use our services as a one-off or agree on particular work over a set time or we can be the advisory to your charity. Contact us for more information


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