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Due Diligence Training

When supply chains break, the most vulnerable still need food to survive

Organisations must carry out due diligence checks on donors, beneficiaries and local partners. Trustees and owners are legally responsible for ensuring that funds are properly used, adequately protected, and not misused for financial crime, terrorist or other criminal purposes. Trustees are publicly accountable and have duties and responsibilities under charity law to safeguard their charity, its funds, property and beneficiaries. They may have employees, volunteers and agents to help, but trustees remain legally responsible.

The above is a guideline from UK Charity Commissions. At Prestigue Consultancy we provide a professional due diligence service for you. We conduct our due diligence around the five core principles; Identification, verification, knowledge of the entity, relationships, and caution. We also provide partnership agreements and service level agreements, monitoring and evaluation, on-site inspections and much more. Whatever your due diligence requirements are contact us and let us help you through it


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